Referral Information

How is a child referred to an LDC ?

  • Parents/Caregivers, Speech Pathologists, Psychologists or Teachers can refer children for an LDC assessment. Health Department checklists are available to teachers to more clearly identify children currently in Kindergarten or Pre-primary who may be appropriate for referral to the LDC. These referrals can be made to private speech pathologists or to local clinics, such as community health centres or child development centres. Referrals made through the Department of Health may be subject to waiting times so early referral is recommended
  • For referral for PP to Year 1, the referral will require a speech pathology assessment, psychology assessment (i.e. cognitive assessment and behaviour checklist), and a completed teacher questionnaire. The collection of this information can take quite some time, detailed reports are required and therefore the process may involve several appointments. This part of the referral is completed by the referring Speech Pathologist (either at the child’s local government Speech Pathology clinic or private Speech Pathology services), the referring Psychologist (which may be a School Psychologist, a government Clinical Psychologist or a private Clinical Psychologist), and the child’s local classroom Teacher (if currently attending school). Assessments are to be submitted to Language Development Centres no later than the advertised close date.
  • Kindergarten referrals require a Speech Pathology assessment and a completed parent questionnaire for placement at an LDC. A cognitive assessment completed by a medical officer or paediatrician is also highly recommended. Assessments for Kindergarten referrals are to be submitted to Language Development Centres no later than the advertised close date.
  • Standardised referral packages that contain all necessary forms and information are sent to referring professionals by the local LDC each year. Following the initial assessment a decision is made as to whether the child is appropriate for referral to the LDC. If it is deemed appropriate the referral information is sent through to the LDC.
  • Appropriate referrals are prioritised by the Placement Committee at the LDC. At South East  LDC the Placement Committee consists of the LDC Principal, Deputies, Speech Pathologists and the School Psychologist. The Placement Committee usually meets in late Term 3 / early Term 4 of each year (occasionally this may occur at other times of the year as well). All information discussed at the Placement Committee meeting is confidential.
  • Parents/Caregivers and referring Professionals are notified of the Placement Committee’s decision mid Term 4.

Does the LDC have a local intake area?
Language Development Centres do not have local intake areas. Students are likely to be placed at a campus nearest to their residential address.

Our main campus is Cloverdale
276 Epsom Avenue, Cloverdale
9473 9600

Other campus locations:

  • Maddington Campus
    79 Pitchford Ave, Maddington
  • Armadale Campus
    Lathwell Street, Armadale


When are the closing dates for referral to the LDC?

The closing dates for placement are as follows:

Kindergarten (Four Year Olds) – Term 3, Week 10

Pre-Primary Year 1 – Term 3, Week 8