Outreach Service

The Statewide Speech and Language Service (or Outreach Service) is provided by the Department of Education in Western Australia to support public schools. It is facilitated by the South East Metropolitan Language Development Centre (SEMLDC) to support schools in the South Metro and Goldfields regions.

The primary role of the Outreach Service is to assist schools to build their capacity to support children in the early years (K-2) who experience language learning difficulties. The focus is on capacity building of teachers and support staff through professional learning and consultations which promote the use of evidence-based practices in oral language. Schools must elect to receive services and commit to ongoing learning, via a request for service.

The team of Support Officers, Speech and Language (SOSLs) are based at the SEMLDC Cloverdale campus and includes speech pathologists and teachers. Support Officers travel to our regional areas throughout the year, to work with schools who have requested support.

Schools can access the outreach service by emailing SouthEastMetro.LDC@education.wa.edu.au

Our Support Officers can support your school by:

* Providing professional learning to educators and school leadership

* Assisting educators to develop and use teaching strategies and resources that assist children with language difficulties

* Working collaboratively with educators to embed evidenced-based practices in oral language for children identified at risk with speech and language difficulties

Please note: We cannot assess individual children who require assistance with speech (i.e. articulation, or clear production of sounds when speaking). Children with speech difficulties will require referral to Health services or a private Speech Pathologist.