Principal’s Message

Welcome to our school. We hope the following information helps to paint a picture of our Language Development Centre and Outreach Service. Many children across the state have significant language disorders and struggle in their daily capacity to access curriculum. At the Language Development Centre we have created a specialised program with the support of speech pathologists, highly motivated teachers and education assistants that is designed to help children with language learning difficulties unlock their capacity to learn. We are unique within the education support environment in that we strive to support students returning to their mainstream school.

Our Ethos

Language for life

Our Vision

When You Walk Into A Classroom At Our School You Will See:

  • A strong focus on language
  • Teachers, education assistants, language support staff and speech pathologists working collaboratively
  • Motivated and engaged students working on developing appropriate learning activities
  • All staff using positive classroom management
  • Modified activities that suit the needs of the children
  • Students being challenged and meeting their potential
  • All staff using positive language and respect towards each other, students and parents
  • Compassionate learning and teaching environment that is safe and secure for all staff, students and families


Veronica O’Neil