Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

Our school  began the journey to become a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) School in 2017. PBS is all about teaching students the right ways to behave, as we would teach them any other skill like reading or maths. It is a school-wide approach to behaviour and is based on a few simple expectations that are taught to the children. These become the expectations for all-Staff, students and the school community. Our 4 expectations are:

Be Safe
Be Kind
Be Respectful
Be your Best

These expectations are agreed upon by staff and become the basis for posters, stickers and lots of visuals around the school. Students are explicitly taught what each expectation looks like, across all the different areas of the school- in class, in the playground, and when on an excursion. Students are acknowledged for showing these skills by staff saying things like ‘At our school being safe is important, thank you for being safe and walking on the veranda’.

During term 1, 2018  we ran a poster competition, where students designed a poster showing our 4 expectations. The winning design is displayed on posters in every room, and we have stickers and  certificates that students are awarded for showing one of the four expectations.

This journey will take us a few years to develop and implement. We are developing:
A whole school approach
A proactive approach to behaviour
Emphasis on self-discipline rather than compliance with rules
Respond by helping students reflect and learn rather than relying on punishment alone
A good support system for students who need it
Use parent involvement effectively