Parents and Citizens Association

The P&C Association is a group that is open to all parents and affiliated citizens of our school inclusive of all three campuses. Our P & C is made up of various people from diverse backgrounds who all want to give a little time to help our school be the best that it can be by supporting families and our students. The relationship between our school and our families is such an important one and being a part of our P & C is a way that you can support this.

Our members help out in many ways, from Office Bearers and Committee Members who are involved on a daily basis within the school, to parents who work full time or have very young children and still find the time to help as volunteers for events that are organised such as our Mother’s Day or Father’s Day raffles. To all of these people we remain eternally grateful – without your dedication we would not be able to raise the vital funds which we need to provide the school with much needed resources.

The School P & C helps to promote and support cooperation within our community and works to provide extra amenities and resources for all students. To find out more about how you can help please contact the school office on 9473 9600 to find out about our next meeting.

Contact information:

President– Sofia Conti

Vice president– Sammoy Palmer

Treasurer– Jay Haberfield and Melissa Walenzyk

Secretary– Virginie Corentin