Language Leadership

The Language Leadership Schools Initiative is a professional learning program designed to build the capacity of educators to embed successful speech and language strategies into programs within their schools. This initiative is suitable for:

  • Teachers in the early years
  • Principals
  • Deputy / Associate Principals
  • Specialist teachers (e.g. Learning Support Coordinators/ EAL/D teachers)
  • Aspirant or lead teachers

Principals of participating schools are invited to nominate teachers to participate in an intensive professional learning program in speech and language.

Please note: Schools can determine how many teachers they would like to attend this program. Having two staff members attend provides an opportunity for supported collaboration and sharing of ideas and strategies from the learning. Schools may opt to send staff members who may adopt or hold a speech and language role within their school.

The program consists of 4 full-day workshops, one per term. Prior to each workshop, participants (Language Leaders) are provided with pre-reading pertinent to the workshop topic. Language Leaders are expected to implement action research within their classroom and schools between workshops. There are three parts to each action research task:

  1. Trialling of strategies that have been introduced
  2. Trialling an activity with a class or group of students
  3. Sharing of information, strategies and activities to school staff

Schools are assigned a Support Officer, Speech and Language (SOSL) to support Language Leaders via regular consultation throughout the year. This collaborative, follow-up support is to assist Language Leaders with implementation and reflection on the action research.

With knowledge, training and increased confidence developed through the program, Language Leaders are then able to share workshop material, and provide leadership, collegiate and student support within their own schools. Language Leaders have been able to present to parent groups at Kindy Café’s and orientation sessions, share with colleagues during staff meetings/collaborative team meetings, or present at School Development Days. Some have held after-school events for their school community/network. Sharing of knowledge has also happened by working shoulder-to-shoulder with peers in the classroom.

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